Your school community is a Network.


Work together – make good things happen.

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We Help Parent Groups

PTO Connect builds tools for parents organizations.

PTA Parent Teacher Associations
PTO Parent Teacher Organizations
Boosters Band, music, art, athletics, and others.

These groups volunteer time, energy, and money to support their school. They connect schools, families, and companies.

We provide online tools to make them effective and successful.

Kindergarten – 12th:  All grades. All schools.

Parents are busy.
Volunteering parents are busier.
Mobilize your group. Make good things happen.

Tools and Features

Activate Your Network!

Make Good Things Happen

Below are some of the good things happening in PTO Connect organizations. You probably have a similar list for your school.

We want to help make good things happen.

Elementary Schools
  • Enrichment
  • Dad's club
  • Field trips
  • Spiritwear
  • Art supplies
  • Classroom helpers
  • Field day
  • New playground
  • Climbing wall
  • Salad bar
  • Box tops
Middle Schools
  • Career day
  • School dance
  • Chaperones
  • Book fair
  • Spring event
  • Earth day events
  • Snack for test day
  • Cookie dough fundraising
  • School store
  • Yearbook cameras
  • Election forums
High Schools
  • College test prep
  • Senior scholarships
  • School newspaper
  • Safe graduation party
  • Band trip to Europe
  • Speaker series
  • College visits
  • Engineeering expo
  • New theater lighting
  • Honor roll lunch off-campus
  • Yearbook support
All Schools
  • Latest technology
  • Office help
  • Library volunteers
  • Cash gift to school
  • Hospitality
  • Author visits
  • New track
  • Public relations
  • New uniforms
  • Solo accompanist
  • Turkey drive
Shared Goals
  • Communicate
  • Coordinate
  • Open minds
  • Include everyone
  • Find volunteers
  • Work together
  • Raise money
  • Help teachers
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Engage the community
  • Promote health
  • Keep kids safe

Activate your Network

Your school community is a network:

  • Each school has multiple organizations (PTA, band booster, athletic booster, etc).
  • Each school has many enrolled families.
  • Each family might be enrolled in multiple schools.
  • Each organization might partner with multiple companies.
  • Each local advertiser might like to reach families from many schools.

It's a large, connected network of people. We can help you reach and engage your network.

About Us

PTO Connect has been serving organizations since 2007. It was founded by Greg Yut to serve a small number of PTOs in Texas. We've continuously improved the service while raising kids of our own and serving on PTOs. We've served 50 thousand people, and we've sent nearly 10 million email newsletters.

We're actively adding new schools and districts to PTO Connect.

Come join us!

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