Plans and Pricing

Free for families.

30 day free trial for organizations.

Prices per organization.

We're also happy to manage your custom domain name and make sure it gets renewed every year, $15/year.

How long does it take to setup our account?

Just a few minutes. Your web site will be live immediately, and you can send email to 20 people during the trial period.

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes, of course. We'll refund any unused, prepaid months.

How many newsletters can we send?

Currently as many as you want, but 1-2 newsletters per week is reasonable. You don't want to overwhelm parents. And there's no limit to the number of articles per newsletter.

How many admin users can we have?

As many as you want. You can create, remove, and authorize admin users as needed.

How does your cost compare to other options?

Our price is less than an email-only service, and includes many organization-specific features that you won't find in an email-only service. For comparison, a good email delivery service might charge 1-3 cents per email sent. Depending on how many email addresses you have and how often you send, this is likely to cost you several times more than PTO Connect.

Do you offer training?

PTO Connect is pretty easy to use, so we haven't offered training. We're very happy to answer questions by email as you get started. This works well. We also have online tips to answer the most common questions.

Do we need our own domain name?

No, but it's a good idea. You can access your web site as a subdomain for, but a custom domain name gives you control over the name that people use to access your site. And since organization volunteers change every year, it's a good idea to let us manage your domain name. We'll make sure it gets renewed annually so that you don't forget and end up losing the name.

Why do we pay for 12 rather than 9 months?

We charge for the whole year because the service runs for the whole year. Both the organization and the families are likely to use the service during the summer.

How can we pay you?

A check or credit card is fine.

Do you have a web-site-only option?

No, our primary service is PTO Connect. The web site is a feature of PTO Connect. If you need just a web site, there are others that do that well, and probably cheaper.

What browsers do you support?

We support current versions of all major browsers.

Got a question about PTO Connect? Drop us a line!